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    2015 - 01.24

    Comments from the here and now~~

    No matter where you are, you always have something special….I started following the Grateful Dead in ’77. I listened to Berkeley hippies in the audience chuckling as to how the the band had oiled up the gears for some more shows to pay for their drug habits. Being young I listened with respect and considered myself lucky to have been able to witness a 60’s phenomena. I always felt I was born a little too late.

    No one, not even the band knew what was to come. I was fervent in my involvement with the scene. I got on the bus in ’77 and rode it until ’95. Even though I was in my mind a late comer, I was always being exposed to new kidz and adults alike who were joining this grass roots rock and roll movement. After some time, they began to look up to me and wanted to hear my stories! I thought this funny as I still believed I had missed out on the core times.

    So I am like the rest of you now, post Jerry. Living on memories. Something I love to see is all of the splintered groups and festivals and good times that refuse to relent. This does my heart proud. Although I am no longer fervent….311 GD and JGB shows were almost enough for me. I applaud the kidz today in their pursuit of where the end of the American dream finally ended up. And I listen to the splinter bands and still hear Jerry, bubbling up through an others hands and I realize that the train kept a rollin’……..

    So, my old man advice to the young….party on kidz, live the dream, there only is now. Don’t think you missed out on anything. None of us did. Make something out of the scene to hand to your kidz so that the dream never dies. You got the torch, run with it and pass it on. I will always cheer that.

    Times are tough, edgy and have the possibility of failing in a spectacular way. No matter who you are, you can rage against the machine and help keep this blue pearl in space a place for us and not the next species. Hard times require furious dancing. As Hunter Thompson said, “Stomp the turf”.

    I am sometimes angry that I ended up talking to an electronic medium instead of having a life. But, I am thankful that it has taught me and given me perspective I didn’t have. I value anyone here who cares at all and want you to know, many people are just like you. At my age, my only use is to occasionally scare up the young and then get out of there way. Success is measured on many levels. “Tune in, Turn on, OPT OUT”. (Thank you Timothy Leary). Remember a lesson I learned too late. Balance in your life is required for the long run and those who don’t have that, may burn bright as artists, thinkers and Mad Poets. But, eventually, remember to come down and see that your life is going the right way. Don’t ever forget you got to where you are because of love. You owe it to the Universe, pay it back by living a balanced life. It took me knowing and watching Jerry burn so bright for so long and yet, too soon to realize this. Even in his death he taught us…”Once in a while, you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right”. Pool all the wisdom together that you have found and use it to set an example for the next in line. But remember, the point in life they want you to forget so bad…Is to remember to have fun. Peace and Love still Works.

    (A Poet PSA)



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