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    2014 - 10.07

    Perspective~ Growing up in the 70’s as an aspiring hippie. The 60’s used to seem like way back in the past, even if it was only ten years in length . It seemed like a long forgotten era. All of us as a nation experienced this long distance memory of the single decade of the 60’s.

    Down in the road in the here and now. I have had four decades of time after this miraculous moment in America. Those decades while they had many, many shining moments, they flew by as if on wings into oblivion. Four times the span of that special decade have walked up times road. Like a flash. And still the 60’s seem like a distant dream you vaguely remember, a time out of mind that we cradle in our hearts and life.

    Cherish the dream, the lesson is that there is only now. We are in the age of Aquarius…..As dismal as they want you to believe life is, as much as they want you to forget all the love, as bad as all the dreams you watched die in your life.

    Remember who you are. Remember the dream within the dream.



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