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    2011 - 09.30

    When your throttle hand gets old you are losing your grip

    You never realized there would be an end to this trip

    When the world gives you too much lip

    Once again, you gotta’ get hip.


    When the body you rode starts to break down

    Youth is over, what have you found?

    Adventures still waits and abounds

    Dont give up yet.


    When you forget, not to look to look back

    You’ll remember what life lacks

    But don’t let that put you off the track

    Of the things that you still are seeking.

    Knowledge not used always starts leaking.


    There are some things in life, it just gets too late to learn.

    Watch all your achievements burn

    Walk down paths that you’ll never return

    But remember the joy is in the journey.

    (SG 2011)


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