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    2014 - 06.21

    Since you been gone, I started to shout
    About the things that worry me day in and out
    I take all my walks alone
    My house is no longer a home.

    I wonder what came and passed
    Why your love didn’t last
    Did I fail at my task?
    Why do I even stop to ask?

    The nights are so long now
    Worried mind, furrowed brow
    The halls I do pace
    I lost in loves race.

    It isn’t because I let go
    Love has a side that never shows
    Just when you think you have Cupid
    You’re left alone, feeling stupid.

    I never could win at the games
    Without someone beside me in my name
    I could have taken us both out of here
    If you had not run from me in fear.

    I used to stand so well on my feet
    Not much in the world could get me beat
    I don’t have any wealth
    No more respect for myself.

    It’s our fault not yours
    I do not blame, that’s for sure
    I picked this path that I trod
    Alone again…Me and God?

    Maybe you just got tired of waiting all the while
    Exhausted after running so many miles
    Love needs to be cherished to make it grow
    Without you, time passes so slow.

    I am jealous of those who have wives
    Who love them dearly and do not despise
    Whose ranks are filled with children’s smiles
    Whose lives are filled with different trials.


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