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    2017 - 10.10

    Sometimes, my ears hear thunder.
    Sometimes, the darkness closes in on me.
    Sometimes, It’s so clear, then
    Sometimes, I can’t see a thing.
    I wonder what is true and where in the Hell are you? And I’m thinking….

    Sometimes, I hear the voices talk in the night.
    Sometimes, I just want to get away.
    Sometimes, the sun is so brilliant.
    Sometimes, I dwell on yesterday.
    I can see forward, I can look back and it doesn’t…. mean a thing.

    Sometimes, I hear the wind call your name.
    Sometimes, you’re in my dreams smiling.
    Sometimes, it’s the words you said.
    Sometimes, your memory makes me want to sing.
    The mark on my heart, was there from the start and I’m weeping.

    Sometimes, the world is so quiet.
    Sometimes, I hear billions of heart beats clamoring
    Sometimes, I grow so weary fighting it all….
    Sometimes, I feel time is….running away from me.
    In the beginning, I knew this for sure, just how to open the door. Now I’m left wondering…..

    Sometimes, the truth is so clear to me.
    Sometimes, the lies I see cause me so much pain.
    Sometimes, I know just where I’m standing then,
    Sometimes, It just happens…..again
    I put on a smile, carry it for a while, it’s lingering…..

    Sometimes, I got all the answers.
    Sometimes, I don’t know nothin’ at all.
    Sometimes, time is my enemy.
    Sometimes, my worries are so small.
    Another song, another day and the thoughts that get in the way, keeps me searching………


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