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    2009 - 01.15


    Status Report


    I been down on my knees before but I guess I’m doin’ well

    So many in this world livin’ private Hell’s.

    I can’t help their pain I can only do what I can do

    Dad always said “Do the best You can and the rest will follow you”.


    I’m in the middle of my life, I can now accept that

    Things don’t work like they used to

    My only friend is a cat

    When I’m lonely and blue , he puts on funny hats.

    And dances until I laugh.


    It’s interesting to watch a body decay unless it happens to be yours

    No one can tell me what happen to that youth who had so much vigor

    I’m just coasting down this road, got my clutch pushed in,

    I’m thinkin’ about my younger years and my many sins.


    How I got this far is way beyond me?Was it destiny or just dumb luck?

    You Tell me.

    I have been so many chameleon characters, even I lost count.

    Now in middle age I have settled to what I want

    For my blood runs cooler now.

    And I can see clearer, even as my eyes fade.





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