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    2013 - 07.23

    Well the summer is here and your’e the one

    Who can’t understand why we aren’t having fun

    I watched you careen around corners I wouldn’t dare

    You are moving so fast, I can only stare

    And wonder if you’re with me

    And this love we share.

    Something in your eyes tells me

    You are sick of being nowhere.


    We both seem to be wanting

    To escape to more cheerful grounds

    I want to go and take you with me

    To a place neither one of us has found

    And when we are together

    And silence is slowly told

    We show our hearts to each other

    Like a rose that unfolds.


    It’s all the little things that keep you and I

    Going round in circles, but we keep trying

    To honor the trust we gave to one another

    The space we make for each other

    Close, but out of reach

    I am left helpless, can’t reach my dreams

    You give so much that your karma bank is full

    But you won’t write a check, that is too bold.


    We have been traveling in circles for such a long time

    You have stood by me, immortalized in Rhyme

    And you are so patient with me and bear no blame

    You know the real man, behind my stage name.

    And though the days are long, I know you get tired

    It’s so hard to listen, so hard to be inspired

    When what is and what should be

    Rarely comes our way.


    I am a strong man, but watch me cry

    When the Poet comes up empty handed

    And I am forced to to give it another try

    I am sitting in the sun wondering still

    Just what is that music I hear over the hill?

    It is the sound of you weeping, deeply from your soul

    Your sick of all these things

    You cannot control.


    You understand, there is no one to blame

    There are rainbows, made in your name

    That fill the sky with madness, sounds and pain

    Only the Poet, knows the rules of this game

    He talks so much of this and that

    Plays for pennies and passes the hat

    And you listen to every word he says

    Because of his words, your pain is less.


    The man who believes in you

    And knows your heart and will

    Your beauty glistens

    And his soul stands still

    For the words of love that you say

    Keep him going in the right way

    The Poet knows, there is another day

    And when it comes around he hopes it stays.





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