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    Word Salad

    2015 - 01.26

    Intrinsic sun battled the 23 degree tilt of a planet off its center

    Echoes of distant lemmings running to ruin

    With the rich business man waving the checkered flag

    TV waves once free in the air, captured by snarling cable companies

    Just how good a slave are you?

    Your rights as free men taken away

    And sold back to you at an obscene price.


    Bellowing madness, leaving the sadness

    You repeat the song virus in your head

    Over and over until it is shoved away

    Galloping ghosts tear at your dreams

    And you awake to the weight  of your daily fears

    Slippery rock of truth, rolls over and crushes expectations

    And it’s one more day to push through.





    The Death of the Madman

    2012 - 12.14

    I walk in, the clock is striking midnight hour.

    All is quiet around the house.

    I approach the Madman who is sleeping

    He twitches in feverish dreams

    His mind is; who knows where?

    Little does he know

    I have come to kill him.

    With an excruciating passion

    My steps slowly advance

    My mind is; precisely sure.

    First, I took his medication from him

    Watching him shake, squirm and yell

    Crying for the lack

    Begging to be let back on

    His cries fell upon deaf ears.

    Second, I took his reasons

    I stole his certainty, explained the issues.

    He no longer was right.

    Realizing this, I watched him start to crumble

    I kicked him on his way down.

    Third, I infested him with light

    Watched it eat up his darkness like an Angel of light

    Spoiling his dank hiding spot

    Forcing him as a reluctant vampire to the day

    To shrivel under the dawning of realization.

    Finally, I said a prayer over his ashes

    Asking God to have pity on his soul

    He cackles now in the great infinite.

    Forever warning of his return

    I turn and shrugged, walking on.


    Crash Dive

    2008 - 10.06

    The crew came to the Madman
    “Sir, there is something wrong with the ship!”
    The Madman looked and replied,
    ”Yes there is something amiss!”.
    The order was put out to cool the engines
    The ship must have repairs. 

    The ride down was rough and rocky, vector too steep
    Approach too hot, flames licking the cold of space
    Tearing at what was left of the shields.
    Fire broke out on the consoles “Red Alert!”
    Damage everywhere, ignoring blinking beacons of insanity
    The ship pushed on through the gravity well.

    Spinning now, the crew panicked, losing time and control
    But the Madman held his hand fast
    He’d seen this ride before.
    Shaken to the frame cargo falling in the holds
    Metal straining, rending, bending
    Does this ship have a soul? 

    Ground Control waited, watching for the ship in the skies
    It seemed so long in coming
    Sonic boom, it was burning so bright.
    Radio silence was broken the dot appeared in the skies
    “Ground Control requesting clearance, landing sequence priority high!”
    Clearance was given and Damage Control alerted. 

    The ship came in as promised
    Singed from the trip reeling, forever not the same.
    Damage Control got to work and repairs were made.
    The Madman walked away thankful, loving everything at once.
    The crew was stunned to silence.
    Each was thinking of their own lives. 

    The ship was put into dock rebuilt and reprogrammed
    Awaiting its next voyage in the deep endless space
    And the Madman was once again at the helm.
    How he loved to roam the skies.
    Everyone wanted to fly with him
    Because he never failed to make it home.



    The Madmans Escape

    2008 - 10.06

    And the Madman cut a whole in the chain linked fence pulled it aside and charged 6 pence

    The sheep got out ran off alone no kind of government could bring them home.


    The Madman sits on his throne, saying “Come this way, I’ll take you home”

    But pistols are out grim faces shown, Madman makes a run for home.


    Look over yonder there his Refuge Deep, definitely a safer place to be

    In one instance when they thought they had he, Madman escaped their reality.