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    2017 - 10.10

    Sometimes, my ears hear thunder.
    Sometimes, the darkness closes in on me.
    Sometimes, It’s so clear, then
    Sometimes, I can’t see a thing.
    I wonder what is true and where in the Hell are you? And I’m thinking….

    Sometimes, I hear the voices talk in the night.
    Sometimes, I just want to get away.
    Sometimes, the sun is so brilliant.
    Sometimes, I dwell on yesterday.
    I can see forward, I can look back and it doesn’t…. mean a thing.

    Sometimes, I hear the wind call your name.
    Sometimes, you’re in my dreams smiling.
    Sometimes, it’s the words you said.
    Sometimes, your memory makes me want to sing.
    The mark on my heart, was there from the start and I’m weeping.

    Sometimes, the world is so quiet.
    Sometimes, I hear billions of heart beats clamoring
    Sometimes, I grow so weary fighting it all….
    Sometimes, I feel time is….running away from me.
    In the beginning, I knew this for sure, just how to open the door. Now I’m left wondering…..

    Sometimes, the truth is so clear to me.
    Sometimes, the lies I see cause me so much pain.
    Sometimes, I know just where I’m standing then,
    Sometimes, It just happens…..again
    I put on a smile, carry it for a while, it’s lingering…..

    Sometimes, I got all the answers.
    Sometimes, I don’t know nothin’ at all.
    Sometimes, time is my enemy.
    Sometimes, my worries are so small.
    Another song, another day and the thoughts that get in the way, keeps me searching………


    Can’t Stop Now

    2015 - 06.13

    I was winding my way up a mountain, still on the run

    Glancing over my shoulder, praying for the sun

    Searching for something, in the middle of the night

    Not another soul was anywhere in sight.


    Then the past, catches up and hits me from behind.

    I didn’t see it coming, must be getting blind

    There were days, when I was so sure

    Now life is a sickness, that has no known cure.


    I had my Dylan and I had my Grateful Dead

    A thousand songs between them, it all got so well said

    So much happened, so many stories to tell

    Told them to all the Angels that I met when I was in Hell.


    And now in the backwaters of an incredible tide

    Left wondering if I needed another place to hide

    The awesome beauty and the perpetual decay

    And all that love that sadly went astray.


    Life loves Death so much, She sends souls his way

    And Death keeps every single one until Judgement Day

    Don’t be thinking, you won’t get your chance

    It’s such a short time, just don’t forget to dance.


    And the false noise that constantly whines

    It don’t mean nothin’, but it can break up your mind

    The world is fooled and looking for wealth

    But the real value is still on the shelf.


    My guitar is a lover that has never betrayed

    She soothes my mind every time that we play

    And the music keeps me goin’ so strong

    The two of us been together, for so very long.


    Long way back, I went wrong, got sick in the head

    Took some bad turns on the paths I was lead

    But I came back, Found my own way

    Only to find, so much had changed.


    I could say I’m sorry, but then I’d never stop

    So many regrets, I have lost count

    I will live strong and do what I say

    Put it all back together, find some new way.


    Just words and music, it comes down to this

    And the demons, that constantly hiss

    But in my life, there is no fear

    Everything changes, this much is clear.


    You can count on me, I’m not givin’ in

    Until I pay for every single sin

    I will make it right, there is still a way

    From the darkness of night comes a brand new day.


    And all who I love, who stayed by my side

    I am so thankful, you came on for the ride

    Don’t worry about me, I’m not really done

    I’m chasing a dream, that’s why I still run.


    So if your able to hear these words

    Take what you need, what you think you’ve heard

    All of life, just give it your best

    Can’t stop now, there’s no time to rest.








    Flying Too Low

    2015 - 04.16

    Woke up this morning, with a yawn

    Got up and put some music on.

    Poured some coffee, waiting on the sun

    It’s another new day on the run.


    News came in with a flash

    I threw it out with the trash.

    Nothing makes sense anymore

    Nothing outside of my door.


    Walking in the dew on my lawn

    Hair blowing back, feeling strong

    Just another hippie antique

    A jaded 21st century freak.


    No longer fitting in anywhere

    No more brothers or sisters who care.

    So much love, but so alone

    Words lay scattered around my throne.


    Long ago, stopped asking why

    It’s gettin’ down to do it or die.

    So sick of saccharine smiles

    That know nothing of my trials.


    Never did forget the dance

    Just give me one more chance

    Dark Horse coming ’round the bend

    Furious pace to the end.


    Put everything in a hobo bag

    Wipe my face with a dirty rag

    Worn down shoes keep walkin’ on

    The road is long, but not the song.


    Nothin’ but a recycled scheme

    Nothin’ but a silent scream

    Nothin’ but a change in rhyme

    Nothin’ but another day in time.




    2015 - 04.12

    Before I could think, or even see

    I was pure light, knew nothing of time

    Never had a thought or any form

    I was unsoiled love, not good or bad.


    Then came the wish, the urge

    Pushed out of formlessness

    Into the unlimited cage

    Thus began my forgetting.


    Matter is like a candle with no flame

    And light was attracted, bursting bright

    Now my soul dances on the wick

    Burning to a certain end.


    I became conscious, some call this life.

    Found myself in a head, a brain

    With hands and feet.

    I hit the ground rolling.


    Now, I take up space

    There is a cap on infinity

    Eyeballs wiggle like goldfish

    Taking it all in.


    I count on hands and feet

    Getting me to the next best thing

    My body is the candle

    My soul is the flame.


    The center in my head they tell me is in control

    Head, hands and feet……That’s the connection

    Rolling through the dim light

    Running back to the end.


    Life is but a Nexus, a meeting in time

    A flame on a candle burning down

    Way down, to the end of the wick

    Heads, hands and feet gone.


    When the candle burns out, my soul it will fly

    Back to the end of the beginning

    And I will forget the Nexus

    Until the candle is lit again.






    A Poet On The Beat

    2015 - 04.10

    Every day I get up and hit the streets
    Looking for something to write about
    Sometimes it’s such a feat
    Watching the people run around and shout
    While I just walk my daily beat.

    I see the homeless, more everyday
    Looking into their eyes
    They too, just want to get away
    It should come as no surprise
    That could be me tomorrow….so,just live for today.

    And the kidz, walking home from school
    Excited and shouting, Chomping at the bit
    Ready to break any and all the rules
    I admire the flame in them so recently lit
    Long ago, that was me, and I was such a fool.

    And the potpourri of faces, swimming like fish
    Wonder where they all came from, just what is the story?
    Just how did they come to eat from Americas dish?
    They heard about this land and want a piece of its glory
    Freedom it is, that’s their most important wish.

    As a Poet, my walk is like going to a market
    Everyday, I go shopping for words
    Takes me far and wide, day becomes dark
    Sometimes the words are jumbled, almost absurd
    I Know it’s my life, sometimes rich, sometimes stark.

    And when I sit down and words pour from the pen
    I’m creating a picture, exposing a scene
    A window to the world I do open
    It’s my job, It’s my dream
    And it’s the only way that I can keep coping.


    Slow Motion Fall

    2015 - 02.22

    After you have run with youth

    A longtime lover in your life

    You find yourself changed

    Walking away from the immaculate moment.


    Things start to look different to you

    The tree of your existence changes

    Colors spin and you shed your leaves

    Leaving you naked in the winter of your life.


    Time starts to run away from you

    Going so fast, you can’t keep up

    And you trip on obstacles you never saw before

    Hanging on to the moment.


    And your slow motion fall cannot be stopped

    Entropy waits with open arms

    Your possessions and loved ones

    Are torn from your grasp.


    Oh to stop the clock just once

    Even for a little time

    Give you some space to think

    Time to make new rhymes.




    A Castro Street Bar

    2015 - 02.09

    I see you sitting at the Castro Street bar,

    Drinking to change your paradigm

    As you drink you slide down into your seat

    As the alcohol loosens your spine.

    Why are you here?

    You’re supposed to be on the wagon.

    Not pulling it.

    I see in your eyes and in your face

    You’d do anything to get out of this place

    From this point it seems so unfair

    And the bottom of the glass has caught your stare.

    Underneath the buzz you have planned

    What to do when you escape this land.

    You’ll leave the man who loves you the most.

    But that’s not the point or the view.

    You must go somewhere to find your health

    And to it be true.

    Where you go from that point in time

    Will be up to you.

    Back to the butterfly that you are

    Flying so free, what will you be?

    And everyone will see your beauty Shine.

    What will you do with your new found time?


    Poetic Solitude

    2015 - 01.27

    I have reached into the darkness

    Walked all over Escher like stairs

    Not finding any direction home

    I finally, just stopped.


    Looking around the blackness

    The stars are just out of my reach

    The light tinkles laughter  on the horizon

    Teasing me to try again.


    And I have found peace

    Far from the multitudes

    Away from the roaring noise

    The view here is indescribable.


    I hit the ground running

    Running my whole life

    From the threats that inflict damage

    And bring me constant strife.


    I refuse to run anymore

    Not giving up my soul, my time

    For some false trinket of security

    Or the illusion of freedom.


    I live with myself in pure silence

    Happy to be at arms distance

    Laying lonely in the bed of forgotten dreams.

    Gracefully acknowledging futility.


    And the never ending dust

    Covers the decay of my life

    Smothering me with what ifs

    And what it should be like.


    No longer dodging, evading

    Now just watching the river of life

    From a safe distance

    Gathering some sense of peace.


    I cannot open their eyes

    Only, live a quiet example

    With each breath, unwinding

    Slowly, back into the night.







    I Can’t Remember.

    2015 - 01.25


    One foggy morning, that’s all

    Another day, same gray pall.

    Seems my mind has come undone

    Yesterdays over, tomorrow hasn’t begun.


    I sit in a deep cloudy trance

    Can’t get up and join the dance.

    I feel stuck, sorta’ in between

    I look at the day what does it mean?


    So much has happened in my small life

    Populated with incidences and strife.

    But as the days go by, I feel somewhat numb

    I forgot where I came from.


    I can’t remember, no I can’t recall

    Hardly anything, anything at all.


    The first dream was to get free

    And chase the schemes I did see.

    I saw too much, that can be said

    Deep into the mist, I was led.


    Surrounded by the whispering trees

    That seem to know more than me.

    I sit quietly on a rock

    Trying to pick my minds lock.


    What was it that you said?

    Tell me again, refresh my head.

    What was the journey’s goal?

    Seems like madness took its toll.


    I can’t remember, no I can’t recall

    Hardly anything, anything at all.


    I’m so deep, into shades of black

    Stole my memories, I want them back.

    I must feel my own way  home

    I stand up, my body moans.


    Is this something that comes with age?

    In the audience now, not on the stage

    No longer calling the shots

    Suffering the same fate as Lot.


    Please tell me, make me understand

    Why I no longer hear the band.

    What was that thing called my youth?

    Was anything learned, is there any truth?


    I can’t remember, no I can’t recall

    Hardly anything, anything at all.


    An Unfinished Story

    2015 - 01.25


    Long Distance time went by so fast

    We weathered storms that didn’t last.

    I spent my time spinning words and rhymes

    Wanting to to touch your face, all of the time.


    And bring you some April flowers

    In a gentle space that was ours.

    But life stepped in and drove us apart

    With all the things that can break your heart.


    It was such a brief bright flame

    And love in my soul still remains

    Now your life is tightly locked

    My ship, has been dashed on the rocks.


    And the time of life never stands still

    Even, with all my will

    What had to be, will be

    You got better, now you’re free.


    I still dream of all the good times

    That your smile put in my mind.

    As I walked through Hell screaming

    Of you, I kept dreaming.


    In the beginning, I saw our end

    My Angel, Heaven sent

    We were both broken

    Reluctant eyes were opened.


    We had the folly that lovers dare

    And now your so scared

    I didn’t mean, to chase you away

    And now, it’s another day.


    Back into life, I was tossed

    Paying such a dear cost.

    I didn’t mean to make you cry

    Or sit alone and sigh .


    Someday, we both may laugh

    And separate the wheat from the chaff

    Smiling in a new day

    Finally finding our own ways



    Stellar Seas

    2015 - 01.13

    A winter day, but the sun came back
    To dance for a while before turning black.
    My mind is just starting to compose
    Some kind of new, typical prose.
    I hear a sound coming from over the hill
    A silent train is moving and another one still.
    Can’t keep my mind from drifting away
    Check my tether, I don’t want to stray.
    It’s all too much, yes indeed I see
    And it ain’t got nothin’ to do with me.

    Drifting now, in skies of Blue
    Half belongs to me and half belongs to you.
    I can’t tell you when, but I can tell you why
    Stop those tears, you don’t have to cry.
    Somewhere on the sea is where you’ll find me
    Escaping the invisible prison that I see.
    No longer held, no longer in the sway
    Floating free getting, outa’ the way
    On one hand I can count all I know
    The clock keeps spinning but time is so slow.

    Long past the point of turning back
    Keep going forward, adjust my tack
    Move the sails, pull the rudder in
    A brand new course to now  begin
    I got the strength, but I don’t have the time
    It has to work, It has to rhyme.
    Other ships are on this course
    I’m shouting Hail! Until my voice is hoarse
    But they cannot hear, the waves are too strong
    Hands are getting numb from holding on.

    Now in some eddy, away from the rocks
    I see many doors, but they are all locked.
    Keep on going, in uncharted seas
    Hoping that fortune smiles on me.
    And again, the skies are so Blue
    Showing me more, than I ever knew
    Ricochet between brand new days
    I just keep trying, there is a way.
    Steer by stars whispering sounds
    Pray that you live to say what you’ve found.


    Never Could Say Goodbye.

    2014 - 11.07

    It was a long, long year
    I was frightened, had so much to fear.
    Remembering…the very last time, I kissed, I kissed your face
    And no one, no one….has ever, has ever…taken your place.

    And I started to hide
    From the pain inside.
    I’m sorry, sorry that I failed
    And ran my life, oh I ran ran my life, right off these old rails.

    I tried so hard, to make it on through
    Thinkin’ about nothing, thinkin’ about nothin’ but you.
    And praying, praying, praying.
    Could you hear, could you hear what I was saying?

    Because in my dreams now, dreams are all I have
    That’s where, That’s where, I always hear you laugh.
    You told me to save myself, or I could die….
    And I did, baby I tried, I tried….And I tried.

    Never could think, but I could dream
    Because that’s what you are to me.
    A dreamer on my road, on my road
    Nothin’ left, Nothin’ left to show.

    When I have good thoughts
    About the time we bought
    In the eye of the Hurricane, in the eye of the Hurricane
    No one’s to blame, No one’s to blame, No ones to blame.

    Baby hold on, You gotta’ be strong
    You been gone too long. Just gone too long
    All alone in a castle with no view
    And no matter what, I will always love you.

    Always Love…you…Yeah…Love… you…Yeah…Love you…
    Oh Baby, baby, baby, you know that’s true…..



    A Samuel Gold Quote

    2014 - 10.31

    “As much as we would like to frighten ourselves, there is no thing to be afraid of in the dark. Death…..is actually pretty boring”. (SG2014)

    Dreams from the Promised Land

    2014 - 07.05


    I await you








    I was still on that train riding out West
    Rolling through the mountains of America’s best
    It was the middle of the fun and we were already halfway done
    Tell me now, “Have you see all those guns”?

    Thinking I had a special wisdom deep indeed
    I always followed an old time, sacred creed
    Mingling only with the chosen, the best
    Any stranger could pass the test.

    And the men standing on the stage
    All of the old songs that they did play
    Thinking we’d just begun
    Didn’t know we’ve had our run.

    Rhymes in life they do abound
    Spoken from a skull with no sound
    Many things now, we have learned
    Nobody told me there was no return.

    The poison rain fell on me and you
    All our best thoughts, were falsely construed
    You showed me true love in this Hell
    I pray, life treats you well.

    So I trudged forward with my last friends
    We all pledged allegiance to the end
    But they died off one by one
    In the end, alone in the sun.

    I used to run with Angels in the street
    Never thought we could be beat
    Even though they were from Hell
    I always loved the stories they’d tell.

    Now I am camped up on the ridge
    My head is empty as my fridge
    I think that maybe just one friend
    Will be here at my bitter end.

    So the days go slow and fast
    Sometimes I see a shadow cast
    Screaming, “Hold me before I die”
    I still have so many words to try.

    Somewhere still the flowers bloom
    There are some here in my room
    But it’s all a disconnect
    And there’s nothing left to protect.

    The law has changed for you and me
    One mistep lose your liberty
    The new Gov-Pigs they will shoot you down
    Tell me what’s happened to this old town?

    And the perpetual machine of satanic greed
    Left so many lost in their need
    I tell you this, Mother Earth
    Is due for a brand new rebirth.

    We are destined to be set aside
    7.5 billion, numbers they don’t lie.
    But some things can’t be returned
    When your little world starts to burn.

    I wish I could say something good.
    About the situation in the woods
    But old trees keep falling down
    Fueling the fire that’s on the ground.

    And a Phoenix, waits in the sun
    The next time has already begun
    If you read these words
    I hope to you they aren’t absurd.

    Maybe you’ll get a chance
    Don’t forget you still gotta’ dance
    Be kind and remember to love
    When you look down from the sky above.

    As a Poet now, I went too far
    Just me, and this ole’ beat up guitar
    But I come back here to say
    All you got is today.

    The place was quiet with no sound
    We laid our crosses on the ground
    And the graveyards reached to the skies
    The Universe, puts on a brand new disguise.

    This is a simple story to tell
    And I say it over and over, oh so well
    But you’re the captain of your life
    Be careful how you handle that knife.

    You’ll stand at the cross roads just like me
    Trying your best now to be free
    Go forth don’t believe the lies
    Try to do something good before you die.

    In the end we all just want some Peace
    A quiet place to be at ease
    Yeah, it’s worth the pain
    What else have you to gain?

    Soon I will just now stand on down
    And I will be trampled to the ground
    By those who seek what I saw
    Running themselves from Deaths open jaws

    In the end now you will see
    That Love still waits for you and me
    We’ll dissolve together in the Sun
    And you and I, will be as one.

    These are Dreams From the Promised Land
    Maybe saying something you’ll understand
    Maybe they are just dreams
    Maybe, you will see.


    When You No Longer Sleep.

    2014 - 06.26

    When you no longer sleep
    Life becomes too long
    Days blur into nights
    You don’t feel that strong

    When you no longer sleep
    Time creeps to a stop
    Your brain starts to go haywire
    Your mouth and jaw just drops.

    When you no longer sleep
    Something is very wrong
    You can’t live like this
    No, not very long.

    When you no longer sleep
    There is a disturbance in the force
    You spend all night watching
    Morning comes, of course.

    When you no longer sleep
    You’re living on borrowed time
    Your body will strike back
    You’ll lose your sense of rhyme.

    When you no longer sleep
    Life mocks you and your trials
    Steals your confidence
    And takes away your smile.

    When you no longer sleep
    You lose time and circumstance
    You get so wound up
    And forget how to dance.

    When you no longer sleep
    You forget the how and why
    If you don’t get some rest
    Maybe you will die.

    When you no longer sleep
    Maybe you feel bad
    Over something you did
    Or just how you got had.

    When you no longer sleep
    You care less and less
    Lose your cool often
    Left only to second guess.

    When you no longer sleep
    You may be psychotic
    Maybe off your meds
    Might be a little neurotic.

    When you no longer sleep.
    You’re scared and cannot run
    The evil eye has got you
    You might be under the gun.

    When you no longer sleep
    It could be because you’re alone
    Nobody at your side
    No one is in your home.

    When you no longer sleep
    The day seems like a dream
    From which you can’t awaken
    If you do you’ll just scream.

    When you no longer sleep
    You write very long poems
    About all the madness
    And how life takes its toll.

    When you no longer sleep
    You lose your true intent
    You’re in survival mode
    Maybe can’t pay the rent.

    When you no longer sleep
    You spend too much time online
    For it is safer
    Than the life you left behind

    When you no longer sleep
    You think of life in sound bites
    Lose your intention
    And then you lose the fight.

    When you no longer sleep
    Tell me, what was their names?
    You know, the people
    Who made you this insane.

    When you no longer sleep
    You really need some help.
    But where can you get it
    If you don’t help yourself?

    When you no longer sleep.
    Death starts to stare
    He knows you are running
    Eventually you’ll be there.

    When you no longer sleep
    You repeat yourself often
    Till they stop listening
    Tell me what then?

    When you no longer sleep
    Nothing ever gets done
    You put it off until tomorrow
    Another day, same sun.

    When you no longer sleep
    Nothing seems to please
    You can’t get any rest
    From whatever is your disease.

    When you no longer sleep
    Your systems start to shut own
    A certain way to die
    That can ever be found.

    When you no longer sleep
    You start to beg for mercy,
    “Someone turn me off
    Quick before they bring the hearse in”.

    When you no longer sleep
    You stand guilty as charged
    Your life went out roaming
    Somewhere, still at large.

    When you no longer sleep
    When you no longer sleep
    When you no longer sleep.
    When you no longer sleep.


    A New Point of View

    2012 - 10.31

    I been searching all the hallways

    Looking for a room with a view.

    I said, I been searching all the hallways

    Looking for a room with a view.

    Walkin’ this worn out carpet

    Just thinkin’ and worried about you.


    We all got burdens in our lives

    Sometimes it’s more than we can bear.

    I said, we all got burdens in our lives

    Sometimes it’s more than we can bear.

    I didn’t know it was gonna’ be like this

    And I feel… just a little bit scared.


    Everyone needs someone

    To listen to their dreams.

    I said, everyone needs someone

    To listen to their dreams.

    But my dreams are so chaotic

    I just wake up and scream.


    Baby you’re the cure

    For what’s been ailing me.

    I said, baby you’re the cure

    For what’s been ailing me.

    My bodies going nowhere

    But my soul is still free.


    If I ever get to you

    Life would come my way again

    I said, if I ever get to you

    Life would come my way again

    I’d change my point of view

    Do anything for my dearest friend.





    A Samuel Gold Quote

    2012 - 10.26

    “Try psychiatric drug addiction. The withdrawal from it makes heroin withdrawal seem like missing your morning coffee”.


    Empty Chairs

    2012 - 07.11

    In my yard there are two empty chairs

    You and I were supposed to be there

    You told me that you’d be here

    To sit awhile under the roses

    But time changed, your mind rearranged

    All the things we hold dear.


    They look so lonely, missing our smiles

    Reminding me of failures, and untold trials

    Everyday, I see you there

    Sitting in the shade not crying any tears.

    But they are empty, like my life.


    We never planned on so much strife.

    I am going to leave them there

    Because I want to believe

    That someday we’ll sit there

    Under the rose tree.






    Misty Moments

    2011 - 04.05

    The forest is quiet at night

    The air smells of ocean breeze

    Animals creep around in the shadows

    Trying to find what the sunlight left behind.


    My campfire burns low

    I love to watch the embers glow.

    Sitting so still even the deer don’t notice me

    As they silently glide through the night.


    The air smells so sweet and fair

    The industrial machine hasn’t been there

    This is a last refuge for many of the forest animals

    Who see the changes before we.


    I heard the owl call my name from the silence

    Wolves howl in the distance

    Certain of their prey.

    Everyone should spend a night in the woods alone.


    Feel the mists swirl around you

    Showing you what’s really true

    You may remember what you can be

    Alone in the forest amongst the trees.


    Early Morning of a Poet

    2011 - 03.31

    I open my eyes to a new day after night has let go of me

    It usually takes a second to remember where I am

    On this sliding scale of life.

    When my memory is returned intact

    I feel the pain. Arthritis they call it.

    At 54 it rears it’s head.

    I had a wild young life, dove in over my head

    And I have all the scars to prove it.

    Words do not describe the sensation

    Of still having that child like wonder

    Yet living in a decaying  body

    That has long past the halfway mark.

    I get up, my movements favoring what is painful

    God, I hate physical paradoxes.

    It hurts to move, yet I must move to not hurt.

    Then my first luxury of the day, a long hot shower

    Then my second luxury coffee, pushes me forward from there.

    The Poet comes to me with his daily piece

    I sit down and  hit the keyboard

    Driven by the need to be a set of eyes for the world

    I capture words which run like little lizards among the rocks

    And weave a spider web of coherent phrases.

    Which stack up into neat little piles as I get older.

    I will not leave any children on this world

    But maybe my words will inspire children

    Long after I have left the work behind me.