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    My Mind is Still in Winter

    2010 - 11.28

    My mind is still in winter

    But my heart is in the spring.

    I said, My mind is still in Winter

    But my heart is in the spring.

    All of this sufferin’

    Why it don’t mean a doggone thing.


    The Winter wind it howls

    But my feet are in the sand

    I said the Winter wind it howls

    But my feet are in the sand

    I’m wishin’ it were warmer

    Somewhere else in this land.


    My mind is still in Winter

    Ain’t no sunshine at all

    My mind is still in Winter

    Ain’t no sunshine at all

    I’m just waiting on my baby….

    Been waitin since the fall.



    I don’t need Halloween

    2010 - 10.17

    I don’t need Halloween.
    I’ve seen enough to make me scream
    I’m followed by the Dead
    Always there in my head.

    I don’t need Halloween.
    I see people, grotesque human beings
    Just walkin’ the streets in a nightmare dream
    Plenty of scary things already to be seen.

    I don’t need Halloween.
    The night is so evil
    Full of things that shouldn’t be
    Scarier than you can believe.

    I don’t need Halloween.
    It’s like a sick joke
    That we yearly poke
    At our present reality.

    I don’t need Halloween.
    I have enough bad dreams
    That make me wake up and scream
    Wonderin’ where have I been?

    I don’t need Halloween.
    I don’t need ghouls
    Who are lost in-between
    Trying to get back to our scene.

    I don’t need Halloween.
    You wanna’ be scared?
    Open up up your eyes,
    Yeah, you’ve been dared.

    I don’t need Halloween.
    You wear costumes all year long
    Why not take them off if you’re strong?
    A day when normal seems wrong….

    I don’t need Halloween.


    The Journey taken Alone

    2010 - 04.19

    In all of our lives exist journeys

    They are like paths at a trailhead

    Waiting to be chosen

    Each leading to a different fate.

    Each offering unknown joys and sorrow as you journey down them.

    But you never know the outcome of the trail you choose

    For Life is the journey and the end is not yet known

    And some paths, some paths are made for you alone.

    No one can make it any easier

    Its your own epic journey

    And you don’t know what awaits you down the path

    But even though fearful, you must walk there anyway.

    In a way, we all are adventurers in our own stories

    Some stories are long and sad, some are works of beauty

    But there is nothing more memorable in the end

    Then the journey that you took alone.


    Flirting with the Edge (Meeting the Family) Up And Down With The Grateful Dead Scene II

    2010 - 03.16

    I look around, high speed velocity is blurring everything.

    Just hung a left turn  at the Safeway at the end of Golden Gate Park onto the Great Highway.

    I’m riding a Yamaha 650 Midnite Special California Edition,  a very fast rice burner.

    Pretty good for a kid  who just got his first ride, aren’t Dope Dollars great?

    Hey, if the C.I.A. can do it,  so can any other American.

    I start from first gear, the front wheel goes into the air, rearing stallion like

    I push forward and continue to accelerate and shift up

    Wound up like a rattle snake ready to strike

    I begin the Laguna Seca run.

    Watching through vigilant eyes as the speedometer passes 100 m.p.h

    Did I just see a sign that said: “Now Leaving Normal”?

    That must be the acid kicking in.

    At these speeds, you either get very dialed in or you go over the Edge.

    Down that long slope to the gaping maw of the Pacific ocean.

    Tonight I’m dialed in

    High speed runs are a matter of math and statistics.

    Wind velocity, gyroscopic angles, counter steering into curves, cops.

    Running the straight-aways like some over-crazed rocket

    Weaving in and out of traffic, a dance that I figured out myself

    On lookers think I have a death wish

    A yearning to go over the Edge.

    But, it’s not true. I did the math, This road knows me.

    And the ocean always waits for that miscalculation.

    I’m on the run to a huge party, meeting the Dead Family.

    Mark this time, you’ve made the scene intact, relax now, smile.

    Do the business, kick back and enjoy yourself for awhile.


    Tao and Coffee

    2008 - 10.19

    Picture a man

    Walking to the stand

    Listening to the band

    In a masquerade.


    Imagine if you can

    A grain of sand

    Put it in your hand

    Do you understand?


    The world we live in today

    Is a small part in a play

    What can you say

    In response to that?


    So get ready and go

    You’re on in the show

    Pick up your guitar and play

    It’s your turn today.


    Someday when I’ve had my say

    I’ll be old , get out of the way

    But now it’s time to take the stand

    And play with the rest of the band.




    All are Gone Now

    2008 - 10.19

    I have had playmates in the days of my child hood, in my school days

    All are gone now, the old familiar faces.

    I have had laughing  times, I have had carousing times

    Drinking late smoking like a dragon

    All are gone now, the old familiar faces.


    I loved a woman fairest of them all

    She opened my cellar door

    She was all I had left

    I will never leave her side.

    All are gone now, all the familiar faces.


    I had friends, they were the kindest of friends

    Like an ingrate I left them abruptly

    For they didn’t see me anymore.

    And they set out to hurt what it was they did not understand

    All are gone now, all the familiar faces.


    Ghostlike I pace around the corners of memory

    Earth just seems like a desert I’m bound to traverse

    Seeking what was never there.

    I found things I wasn’t looking for

    All are gone now, all the familiar faces.


    I had friends that were as close as brothers

    We came from the same places

    If I could see them now

    When our anger cleared we would talk about how

    All are gone now, all the familiar faces.


    Some have died, most just left me

    And some were taken from me , all departed

    I could do nothing to stop the erosion 30 years can bring.

    They weren’t listening to me anymore

    All are gone now, all the familiar faces.




    Ten Years After

    2008 - 10.08

    Clift House SFCA ’88

    Memory road is broken

    The rricks are scattered by time

    On this day I’ve awoken

    Returning to the scene of the rhyme


    All I see is but a splinter

    Of the crystalline past

    Passing like the snow after winter

    Always here yet never lasts


    All the flowers now have faded away

    Tourists flood the land

    Where once green boughs did sway

    Now there is only sand.




    In This Life of Mine

    2008 - 10.06

    It’s been hard livin’ in this dream

    Putting up with all the things I’ve seen

    Everything I did, just to be free.


    I been listening to what they say

    But still this pain won’t go away

    Turn the page and live another day.


    Mmm.. Yeah, In this life of mine.

    Oh… Yeah, in this life of mine.


    The thunder of the freeway the sound of the band

    It’s just something they don’t understand

    And why I wandered all over this land.


    When I think about it, it makes me cry

    The many ways we tried and tried

    I’m was so glad you were aat my side.


    Mmm.. Yeah, In this life of mine.

    Oh…yeah, in this life of mine.


    The Ocean on my left, the land on my right

    You in my arms, I held you all night

    We made sweet love, until the morning light.


    We didn’t know that it wouldn’t last

    We were too young to have a past

    But let me tell ya’, it went by so fast.


    Mmm.. Yeah, In this life of mine.

    Oh… yeah, in this life of mine.


    Now I can’t tell you what it all means

    Or why the sacred becomes obscene

    I just wonder, where have you been?


    A fallen Angel tells me that I should

    I think about it, I knew that I could

    If you were with me, I think I would.


    Mmm.. Yeah, In this life of mine.

    Oh…yeah in this life of mine.


    So come and take my hand, We’ll walk away

    While we’re still young, with something left to say

    I got down on my knees and I prayed….


    That life still has some sort of mystery

    And while we can still walk, we can be free

    And that in the end, we’ll finally see.


    Mmm.. Yeah, In this life of mine.

    Oh…yeah in this life of mine.




    In Order For Words To Sound Bold and True

    2008 - 10.06

    In order for words to sound bold and true

    It would take more than it seems

    For we all know nothing much is new

    And most of us live in dreams.


    In order for words to sound bold and true

    You have to learn to say what you mean

    To stand up to arguments that may ensue

    Stand up and let your words beam.


    In order for words to sound bold and true

    One must learn to keep the tongue

    For a wise man knows to tell you

    The strongest words are silent sung.



    Crash Dive

    2008 - 10.06

    The crew came to the Madman
    “Sir, there is something wrong with the ship!”
    The Madman looked and replied,
    ”Yes there is something amiss!”.
    The order was put out to cool the engines
    The ship must have repairs. 

    The ride down was rough and rocky, vector too steep
    Approach too hot, flames licking the cold of space
    Tearing at what was left of the shields.
    Fire broke out on the consoles “Red Alert!”
    Damage everywhere, ignoring blinking beacons of insanity
    The ship pushed on through the gravity well.

    Spinning now, the crew panicked, losing time and control
    But the Madman held his hand fast
    He’d seen this ride before.
    Shaken to the frame cargo falling in the holds
    Metal straining, rending, bending
    Does this ship have a soul? 

    Ground Control waited, watching for the ship in the skies
    It seemed so long in coming
    Sonic boom, it was burning so bright.
    Radio silence was broken the dot appeared in the skies
    “Ground Control requesting clearance, landing sequence priority high!”
    Clearance was given and Damage Control alerted. 

    The ship came in as promised
    Singed from the trip reeling, forever not the same.
    Damage Control got to work and repairs were made.
    The Madman walked away thankful, loving everything at once.
    The crew was stunned to silence.
    Each was thinking of their own lives. 

    The ship was put into dock rebuilt and reprogrammed
    Awaiting its next voyage in the deep endless space
    And the Madman was once again at the helm.
    How he loved to roam the skies.
    Everyone wanted to fly with him
    Because he never failed to make it home.



    Cheshire Smile

    2008 - 10.06

    Cheshire cat smiles a sunbeams face found most nobly absent.

    Vanished for a lark not without a trace and on mischief bent.

    Scamper here skitter there chase a blue jay to grief.

    Freeze to stone panther silent still as a leaf.

    Slinky, silky shadow creeping around in my back yard.

    Waiting patiently for something off guard.

    You play so seriously little cat as if you are the jungle today.

    Is that why you go scat whenever I try to play?