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    Word Salad

    2015 - 01.26

    Intrinsic sun battled the 23 degree tilt of a planet off its center

    Echoes of distant lemmings running to ruin

    With the rich business man waving the checkered flag

    TV waves once free in the air, captured by snarling cable companies

    Just how good a slave are you?

    Your rights as free men taken away

    And sold back to you at an obscene price.


    Bellowing madness, leaving the sadness

    You repeat the song virus in your head

    Over and over until it is shoved away

    Galloping ghosts tear at your dreams

    And you awake to the weight  of your daily fears

    Slippery rock of truth, rolls over and crushes expectations

    And it’s one more day to push through.





    An Unfinished Story

    2015 - 01.25


    Long Distance time went by so fast

    We weathered storms that didn’t last.

    I spent my time spinning words and rhymes

    Wanting to to touch your face, all of the time.


    And bring you some April flowers

    In a gentle space that was ours.

    But life stepped in and drove us apart

    With all the things that can break your heart.


    It was such a brief bright flame

    And love in my soul still remains

    Now your life is tightly locked

    My ship, has been dashed on the rocks.


    And the time of life never stands still

    Even, with all my will

    What had to be, will be

    You got better, now you’re free.


    I still dream of all the good times

    That your smile put in my mind.

    As I walked through Hell screaming

    Of you, I kept dreaming.


    In the beginning, I saw our end

    My Angel, Heaven sent

    We were both broken

    Reluctant eyes were opened.


    We had the folly that lovers dare

    And now your so scared

    I didn’t mean, to chase you away

    And now, it’s another day.


    Back into life, I was tossed

    Paying such a dear cost.

    I didn’t mean to make you cry

    Or sit alone and sigh .


    Someday, we both may laugh

    And separate the wheat from the chaff

    Smiling in a new day

    Finally finding our own ways



    The Moon We Both See

    2014 - 12.19

    Been out to sea for so long, drifting to and fro

    Weathered hurricanes that no one saw

    My course, plotted by sun and stars

    Zig Zagging through life with an uncertain destination.


    I hope we both look at the same moon.

    While it hangs in the sky above us

    Like each other, out of reach but still influencing

    Beaming love through different skies.


    The waves slapping at my boat

    Echoes of your laughter fills my dreams

    I toss and turn in the night

    Then awake to another day.


    I know dry land is near

    For I have seen the birds

    Flying on the edge of their perimeters

    The sorrow filled cries of the gulls reminds me of what’s missing.


    The sailing must continue, for I am closer

    To the end, than the beginning

    The helm bows left and right

    And the sparkle on the water is a perfect reflection of your eyes.


    So many ports where the ways of the world

    Gallup frantically, back and forth on the horizon

    Each is different, Each one beckons.

    A lot of water has passed under this boat.


    And no one hears my tears

    Which will one day raise the ocean

    And over power my small life

    With the fate of lovers who stare at the same moon.





    Never Could Say Goodbye.

    2014 - 11.07

    It was a long, long year
    I was frightened, had so much to fear.
    Remembering…the very last time, I kissed, I kissed your face
    And no one, no one….has ever, has ever…taken your place.

    And I started to hide
    From the pain inside.
    I’m sorry, sorry that I failed
    And ran my life, oh I ran ran my life, right off these old rails.

    I tried so hard, to make it on through
    Thinkin’ about nothing, thinkin’ about nothin’ but you.
    And praying, praying, praying.
    Could you hear, could you hear what I was saying?

    Because in my dreams now, dreams are all I have
    That’s where, That’s where, I always hear you laugh.
    You told me to save myself, or I could die….
    And I did, baby I tried, I tried….And I tried.

    Never could think, but I could dream
    Because that’s what you are to me.
    A dreamer on my road, on my road
    Nothin’ left, Nothin’ left to show.

    When I have good thoughts
    About the time we bought
    In the eye of the Hurricane, in the eye of the Hurricane
    No one’s to blame, No one’s to blame, No ones to blame.

    Baby hold on, You gotta’ be strong
    You been gone too long. Just gone too long
    All alone in a castle with no view
    And no matter what, I will always love you.

    Always Love…you…Yeah…Love… you…Yeah…Love you…
    Oh Baby, baby, baby, you know that’s true…..



    A Samuel Gold Quote

    2014 - 10.31

    “As much as we would like to frighten ourselves, there is no thing to be afraid of in the dark. Death…..is actually pretty boring”. (SG2014)

    The Madman Returns

    2014 - 10.31

    All Hollows Eve, Dark, clinging mist in the air
    The air is sickly sweet, tainted from long ago
    I have been in hiding for most of the year.
    I had thought the Madman dead.

    Surreal Surprise fills my eyes
    I stagger sick, with disbelief
    It took all I had to banish the spell
    My mere mortal strength wasn’t enough.

    I feel pursued, I can sense the gaze
    Focused on my back, intent on bringing me down
    The Madman is out of control
    Coming back to claim my life.

    I shudder, this was always underneath my mind
    My sanity sealed into my fate
    I thought I had won, thought I had saved my destiny
    But I was wrong, he stares at me from the mirror.

    So, it is going to cost me my life
    Really, on Halloween night
    Nothing could be more fitting
    I stand beside myself.

    Often, I heard his cackle
    Warning of his return,
    Midnight giggles of insanity
    What have I left to pay…but my life.


    A Change Of Season

    2014 - 10.04

    I have been quiet in my life for so long, just trying to be strong.
    There is all this love in me with nowhere to go, it’s about time, yeah I know.
    Summer has turned to autumn as my fears ran past, I pray that my love may last.
    There is this special something in the corner of my mind, something that is so fine.
    Words as they are cannot describe, Not mere words, no not even mine.

    It was those colors that split the sky, shards of light in my mind.
    And the sweet gift of wisdom given just to me, is why I am still free.
    Time seemed to go nowhere, heavy burdens I did bear.
    Sliding with the rain coming down, alone in this empty town.
    And still you’re been in the corners of my mind. Alive in my rhymes.

    And I know you can’t put a bridle on the wild horse of love, or cage a cooing dove.
    I would ride the hills, I still have my will
    To get through these darkened days and not lose myself in life’s futile maze
    A frightened ride through the stormy tears, so many over all these years.
    And to arrive and see your special smile, is worth all these bitter trials.

    So set aside your burdens love give it a try, don’t have any reason to ask why.
    Gray skies will be blue as all your dreams come true.
    As we awaken from this dream, wondering where have we been?
    I believe in the future of our lives, I know how hard you have tried.
    There is a piece of you in my heart, I stay strong while we’re apart.


    Future Tripping

    2014 - 09.21

    I was warned about this, running ahead in the game to the end of the beginning.
    Postulating all of the what ifs, wondering about outcomes of my actions
    Worrying about the ramifications of what I have done, the falseness imposed.
    The path I was forced onto because of the lies of others.

    The longest year throwing off the yoke, the chains, escaping the prison
    The man made prison, that I stumbled into, the quenching of my fire.
    And the anger, a beast that I tamed and put to work for my salvation
    Who bites and chaffs at the bridle I put on its flaming head.

    Alone now, surrounded by my failures, missed chances, lost time.
    My soul stands free in the rubble of my previous existence
    I am free, but I am alone. Surrounded by saccharine smiles
    No one really cares, they are staring at ghosts of my broken past.

    As my life gradually wore down and time ran from my fingertips
    My time alone is a constant factor, I must love myself before I can love life.
    People are just a figment of the imagination, something no longer real to me
    There are many labels for this state of mind, some real, some not quite.

    I look at my hand before my face, It has aged suddenly and I watch time run
    Time, the only real constant, shows me the skeleton that my hand will be
    At the end of the path, ashes to ashes, The river of time erodes all of me
    Pain becomes the only indication of life, all else is numb.

    I will not speak openly of this, it scares the young and the falsely happy
    It creates the distance that I so openly embrace, between myself and love
    Between the forgotten times and the times that are yet to come
    But having glimpsed the end, there is no  hurry.


    Put The Songs On

    2014 - 09.16

    It’s creeping towards midnight, I am alone in my house

    Yeah, friends just me and the Beatles and the Stones

    Then maybe some of that good old Grateful Dead.

    I have a million poems to write, places to be led

    The words jostling in my head trying to be first

    But I have these empty feelings, don’t know which is worse.


    It is dark in the room and the LED lamps glow.

    This year was so fast and now it is so slow.

    I always come back here somewhere in my mind

    Listening to music, lost in past times.

    I can take loneliness, I can take the fears

    But it is hard to stand alone when no one else is near.


    It’s the old music, that comes into play

    It’s the old music, that speaks for me today

    In the darkness, I can recall the reasons again

    Plotting what to do, up around the next bend.

    The crickets chirp, my past swims in my brain

    Remembering  times times long ago, fading like a gentle rain






    I Talk To Myself

    2014 - 09.11

    I talk to myself often now
    There isn’t anyone to hear
    Whispering words loud and soft
    No ones ever near.

    I talk to myself because it’s lonely
    Standing on the edge of the sea
    Wishing for the company of others
    But yearning to be free.

    I talk to myself because I am alone
    Been this way a long, long time
    Seeking the company of strangers
    Writing all my rhymes.

    I talk to myself to remember
    All the things in my head
    No one’s left to remind me
    No, not a single friend.

    I talk to myself because I pay attention
    Listening to my inner voice
    For in my time I have found wisdom
    Often, my only choice.

    I talk to myself because I’m crazy
    Really, Really on a crazy ride
    Often I am left clinging
    To sanity all of the time.

    I talk to myself because I worry
    That something will get away
    Finding my thoughts are scattered
    Leaving with nothing to say.

    I talk to myself because
    Soon there will be a chance
    I’ll get myself together
    And get back to the dance.



    2014 - 09.09

    Alive, swallowed by death
    Please just one more breathe
    I owe it to them God, forget about me
    I no longer matter, it is just that one life
    I need to touch, I need to feel laughter
    The ship is coming in hot
    Flames at the shields
    Dear God, spare the crew
    It was me who made them believe
    Made them buy into the madness
    Just let them go on, you know who I mean
    I stand in a shadow of myself
    No time, no life, no wealth
    I can be alone, but find them all their happiness
    You and I will work this out in Hell.
    I will see you soon….


    Last Laps

    2014 - 07.03

    The race, run by us all
    The race, is for all to endure
    The race, long I have I run
    The race, it has hardly begun,

    I was always hard to handle
    I was always hard to hold

    The race, run your laps
    The race, beware of the traps
    The race, run with broken feet
    The race, run or get beat.

    I was always hard to handle
    I was always hard to hold

    The race, no different this time
    The race, just a moment in a rhyme
    The race, it is difficult to see
    The race, finish it and see.

    I was always hard to handle
    I was always hard to hold

    The race, personal triumphs great and small
    The race, a finish line, for all
    The race, I don’t feel that strong
    The race, yet mine is done.

    I was always hard to handle
    I was always hard to hold


    Since You Been Gone

    2014 - 06.21

    Since you been gone, I started to shout
    About the things that worry me day in and out
    I take all my walks alone
    My house is no longer a home.

    I wonder what came and passed
    Why your love didn’t last
    Did I fail at my task?
    Why do I even stop to ask?

    The nights are so long now
    Worried mind, furrowed brow
    The halls I do pace
    I lost in loves race.

    It isn’t because I let go
    Love has a side that never shows
    Just when you think you have Cupid
    You’re left alone, feeling stupid.

    I never could win at the games
    Without someone beside me in my name
    I could have taken us both out of here
    If you had not run from me in fear.

    I used to stand so well on my feet
    Not much in the world could get me beat
    I don’t have any wealth
    No more respect for myself.

    It’s our fault not yours
    I do not blame, that’s for sure
    I picked this path that I trod
    Alone again…Me and God?

    Maybe you just got tired of waiting all the while
    Exhausted after running so many miles
    Love needs to be cherished to make it grow
    Without you, time passes so slow.

    I am jealous of those who have wives
    Who love them dearly and do not despise
    Whose ranks are filled with children’s smiles
    Whose lives are filled with different trials.


    Rail inside of Jail

    2014 - 06.21

    I always had a smart mouth
    No fear of talking back
    Loud words made up for the confidence
    That I always lacked.
    I skated free most of my life
    I always threw words to the wind
    Never was held hostage
    Never did give in.

    But as I grew old and kinda’ quiet
    Things got in my way.
    I had to answer to the tune
    Of liars that came into play.

    Yes I was crucified
    By meaningless foam from the mouth
    The judge didn’t like me
    My case it headed south
    I was caught in the net
    A rebel with no paws
    I was picked up by the man
    Stuffed into Just US’s cruelish jaws.

    They set me free to run the treadmill
    A slave in the system
    Hostage of the court
    My defenses all were broken
    With the uttering of a tort.

    Now I pace the halls at midnight
    I don’t sleep no more
    I couldn’t pay the fines
    I hid behind a door
    I scribbled in my little book
    The things they will find when I’m dead
    All of the prophetic dreams
    That linger in my head.

    The letter it came and said I had to show cause
    Of why I wasn’t paying the system
    Why I wasn’t within the law
    So I went to the judge on my own
    Said, If I paid him, I’d have no home
    Realistically I did drone
    That behavior is never condoned.

    I suggested it was a ruse
    To bilk the slaves so his job he didn’t lose
    The uproar that then ensued
    Told me the wrong words I did choose.

    I got three days to pay
    What I could have charged on another day.
    Sold my guitar so I could continue to play
    The extortion price by that day
    So that in my life I could stay
    For one more day, one more day.

    Nobody cares when you in the system
    So many pawns…You can’t list them
    True friends are rare when you’re in trouble
    Speaking from both sides of their mouths, they see double
    No one is with you in your huddle.

    Remember this if you think you are free
    Karma is a bitch and it will follow thee
    Everybody stands by and claps when you win
    Standing on the edge of the hole you are in.

    And though you really didn’t sin
    You will do the time for their crimes
    Before they let you write anymore rhymes


    June Solstice

    2014 - 06.21

    You know it in these times we just have to stop and look around
    Trying to find a way back and trying to move on.
    I see dreams, I see smiles, I see madness, talkin’ all the while
    I been a dreamer and I had my fun
    Took life as it came at me, spent my time on the run.
    Summer’s sun ya’ know its some kind of fun.

    But you know I have been stuck here, frozen in a fall
    All of my time gone, no home at all.
    Flirting with madness cause there is this call
    Ending up with sadness, living kinda’ small.
    But there has got to be dreams yes
    Got to be some dreams left.

    The sun beats down, my skin is ivory white
    I live in the dark, and now I hide from the light.
    Sometimes you get put down, put to the fright
    Sometimes the man scares you, in the middle of the night.
    Then the morning comes and you do it again
    All alone this time, no words from a friend.

    Big dreams rollin’ yeah they’re rolling by
    Thunder clouds on the horizon
    Begging me to try, Just one more before I die.
    It has got to be real, It has got to be real
    These things that I feel…..But what of the sadness
    When they go away? They go away…….

    Skippin’ skippin’ and a jumpin’
    Like I did when I was young
    My heart a thumpin’
    The shattered pieces of my life, will come together again
    And I’m gonna’ get it together, stop being a fool
    Get it together and stop waiting for you.

    In my time, did a little bit of it all
    Any day now, any day now, any day now
    Played guitar, wrote down words
    Tryin’ to make sense of it all.
    Who stole those things? Who stole those things?
    What happened to my life, my little schemes?

    I went down and didn’t care, No I didn’t care
    I would have died starving
    But for your care, but for your care.
    You don’t know me but you know who I was,
    That was a good enough reason
    To dust me off and listen to my cause.

    The longest day, the longest day
    I had to pick up my pen, write it away
    Reflecting on the road left behind…..
    Reflecting on the madness
    That you put in my mind…..
    That you put in my mind…..

    And all the new ones, they wanna’ dance in the street
    But its been barricaded, by Gov-Pigs on a beat.
    And the old songs still ring, yes they still call
    Get up and shake it, shake it, while you’re still warm
    ‘Cause you will fade, you will fade
    Gone…But not away, Gone, But not away.


    A Jerry Garcia Quote

    2014 - 06.16

    “Every mind is at least as heavy as mine is” – Jerry Garcia.

    A Samuel Gold Quote

    2014 - 06.14

    “Partisan Politics- Clowns to left of me, jokers to the right and here I am stuck in the middle with you”.(©2014)

    A Samuel Gold Quote

    2014 - 06.14

    “If you are a paranoid conspiracy theorist, there is a market for you”. (©SG2014)

    A Samuel Gold Quote

    2014 - 06.14

    “A funny perspective for you older Heads…..Tune in, Turn on, and Drop out, has been updated for the Brave New World. The current term is “OPT OUT”. I advise we slowly start to unplug while we still can”. (©SG2014)

    Dante Level 13

    2014 - 06.06

    You’re in Gods country but you don’t know it. Your head is bowed, beaten down by the wicked ways of men. The devil walks laughing…snapping a whip on your back as you trudge through the day. You forgot the Blue skies, you can get no rest. Age tears your dreams away while you watch yourself slowly unwind…You are lost and the pearls of wisdom you had in your hand have been stolen and are on the television set, which isn’t free either….The TV holds your life for ransom….And God whispers…Dust to Dust…..