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    2012 - 04.15

    When you write about the life that let you down.

    All the situations you have found

    When finally there is no one else around

    To calm your lonely world

    Talk to the book.


    People come and people go

    As time goes by everything seems slow

    You forget everything you know

    And that’s why you talk to the book


    Talk to the book about all you see

    Talk to the book it will set you free

    Taking your pain and making words

    Talk to the book when you need to be heard.

    Talk to the book when it all getsĀ absurd.


    In the middle of the night you miss the ones you love

    Some are here, most are above

    When you’re stuck and need a shove

    Talk to the book, it is you and fits like a glove.

    When opportunity strikes at this age.

    You try so hard to fill the page

    It’s your passion day by day

    You sit down with something to say

    Talk to the book.


    The book is like a path back home

    It charters where you have come and gone

    And though that trail may be long

    Talk to the book it will make you strong.





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