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    2009 - 11.15

    I’m searching my heart for something to be thankful for

    So far, I have Social Security, someone I love and a roof over my head.

    Haven’t got much further than that.

    Though I realize just how lucky I am and what these three small things give me

    My body hurts too much to be thankful for it.

    For Christmas I may buy it a bullet.

    I started this blog to to teach, learn and to chronicle my dreary existence

    In hopes that an epiphany will come along and give me some change in direction

    Now it is a  tribute to fallen comrades, lost loves and just what a bitch life is.

    I see nothing to be thankful for, I spit on what this holiday has become

    A day of obscene gorging while a 1/3 of the world starves

    This won’t go on forever, sooner or later the scales of justice wil prevail

    I just don’t wanna’ see it when it happens.

    And the fake family get togethers, I have done without them

    For I am alone, no one claims me as theirs.

    So I don’t have to tolerate sitting around a table with relatives you never see

    Watching football which I hate, I am free of the social norms

    This fat joint, bottle of wine and my guitar will carry me through

    This traditional  American obscenity.

    It was all supposed to be about another more real story

    How the Native Americans saved our asses that first cold winter

    Then they taught us to be self-sustaining

    But America forgets it’s heroes

    Dishonors it’s dead (unless you were wealthy)

    Plymouth Rock was just a stone some guessed may be the right one

    So it sits in a museum labeled as the real McCoy.

    This is so symbolic of who we have become as a nation.

    Substituting the imagined for the real.

    Lying to our children as to what this day really means

    Do you know how many died on the Mayflower getting here?

    One more thing; It was the Vikings that discovered America



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