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    2008 - 11.17

     Cowboy’s Ride


    Ya’ wander this life

    Devil takes your soul

    Spend the rest of your time

    Tryin’ to get control


    Sometimes it’s a six gun

    Sometimes it’s your hand

    Your permanently marked, when you kill a man.

    But you do what you gotta’ due, the Preacher man said.


    Riding down to the town  

    people looking your way

    They remember the day

    You saved their town

    And then rode away.



    Now they say you’re they fastest

    And every maverick wants a try

    But when you pull that gun

    Lightning echoes in the sky


    Papa said one thing.

    the day he died.

    He said “Son, better look life, right in the eye”

    I been a outlaw since that day

    I been a outlaw since that day.






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