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    2015 - 08.20

    Inside of my heart is this place

    I find comfort there and am reassured

    It is where I go when my thoughts become dark

    Therein  your face and voice live.


    My world has become constricted

    But this space knows no bounds

    It is the blue sky where I can dream

    Visions of your loveliness float through like clouds


    And you are so far away, yet you are here

    Comforting me when I am alone

    Singing your quiet pure song

    Sharing your peaceful wisdom.


    This room in my heart

    Where I can feel you

    Where we press ourselves together

    And your arms pull me into you.


    Wrapping myself around you

    Pushing into your being with my love

    Gently rocking until cries escape your lips

    Until we move as one.


    And the aftermath is a serene space

    For time does not run from this moment

    And like grapes on a vine perpetually

    It is always luscious, always willing.



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