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  • The Journey taken Alone

    2010 - 04.19

    In all of our lives exist journeys

    They are like paths at a trailhead

    Waiting to be chosen

    Each leading to a different fate.

    Each offering unknown joys and sorrow as you journey down them.

    But you never know the outcome of the trail you choose

    For Life is the journey and the end is not yet known

    And some paths, some paths are made for you alone.

    No one can make it any easier

    Its your own epic journey

    And you don’t know what awaits you down the path

    But even though fearful, you must walk there anyway.

    In a way, we all are adventurers in our own stories

    Some stories are long and sad, some are works of beauty

    But there is nothing more memorable in the end

    Then the journey that you took alone.



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