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    2008 - 10.19

    I have seen things great and small

    Spent most of my life, living it all, living it all.

    Now my time is running fast

    Gets that way when you run from your past

    Can’t believe I’m still alive

    More than that, I’m starting to thrive


    I have won and I have lost

    Paid such a bitter cost

    Because I lost the rhyme

    And had to do the time

    She has reminded me there is more

    Waiting for me just outside my door, just outside my door


    I was a biker, a rebel without a cause

    And I went everywhere, everywhere.

    This old country it needs a hand

    Volunteers, inspired by bands

    If you get confused listen to the music play

    For it is opening the door to another day.


    I must be brave, rise back to myself

    No longer afraid of anyone else

    For I am a man who doesn’t believe in the scam

    I just want to be what I am.

    And be by your side, be by your side.

    For it’s gonna’ be a long, long ride.


    I had friends for most of my life

    They were bent on causing me strife

    I walked away alone, couldn’t go home

    Their madness I could not condone.

    So I’m leaving, going away

    I found a new place where I can stay


    I’ve lost every battle, but I will win the war

    She gives me reasons, she gives me more

    So I’m a soldier against apathy

    I’ll sing my songs, maybe set them free

    Maybe they will hear, maybe they will hear

    Take it into their hearts and hold it near.


    I could fail, but I’ll take that chance

    This is the first tune, but it is the last dance

    The stage is set, it’s my turn to play

    And to do it right I must go away.

    There is no one in this town for me anyway.




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