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    2008 - 10.19

    It is on these last days I ponder which way my fate will end

    I am not going to exit Karmic Cycle I am due for yet another road.

    I missed too many chances squandering youth and years.

    No, I wish to fly away far from this land of tears


    When all these words are done I’ll be on my way

    I’ve got no reason and no one who wishes me to stay

    Been here so long I’ve started to call it home.

    But I lost it, lost it all.


    It seems as if death follows me and I escape ever so narrowly

    Thirty 36 bones later I have realized.

    Those conditions of madness, arrogant sadness have taken their price from me.

    I have learned a lesson here from the Wise Woman…


    Summers escape will be followed by fall which is already manifesting.

    All the signs are here, you know them kind reader you see these things too

    I need fresh material which requires adventures anew

    That is how I will take you there.






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