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    2010 - 04.06

    Where have all the frogs gone?

    Where have all the fish gone?

    Why are there so many people?

    How come they don’t clean your windows anymore at the gas station?

    When were children taught to not trust adults?

    Where did we fail them?

    How come the sun is dangerous now?

    Why have food prices risen almost 1000%?

    What ever happened to the American family?

    I don’t see as many birds anymore.

    And Politics is going to kill us all.

    I remember gasoline at 25 cents a gallon

    A carton of cigarettes was 3 bucks.

    A loaf of bread was 10 cents

    Candybars a nickle

    We can’t eat much fish anymore.

    I guess everything changes

    For better or worse



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