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  • The last time I was Happy

    2014 - 03.21


    I was staring into the blue ocean of your eyes

    And your hair blew in the wind like kelp with the tides

    Your smile was as shining as the sun

    It beamed on me,, I basked in its glow

    And when we came together clothes falling off

    You looked like Venus delivered up on the half shell

    And when I tasted you, you were salty as the sea itself

    I could swim in the folds of you forever.

    And when we joined in love

    The thrusting of our hips were as waves breaking on the shore

    And you cried each time as the seagull on the wind

    Until we landed in that peaceful tide pool

    Of each others arms.

    When I wander far from the ocean

    This memory sings to me.

    For you are a siren on the rocks

    But instead of wrecking my ship as I drew to your song

    You pushed me to places I never dreamed on the waves of love

    You broke the rules of seas legend just for me

    I was blessed as never before.

    And I was Happy.



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