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    2009 - 09.11

    To the Spooks

    I know your out there, listening to the Echelon masses
    Making face print files out in the city.
    I know people die at random at your hands
    Which deliver death with such cold precision.
    That you never see it coming.

    911 was an inside job. Just how many terrorist did you recruit and train?

    I know you took her, I know you killed her
    And I’m not the only one (My safety net)
    Guns for drugs, training terrorists until they turn
    Biting your hand like a snake, before crawling away
    To kill millions in the name of their god.

    You changed America, she is forever stained
    And your excuse is our protection
    Which we have had the right to change
    Or we used too, until the Bill of Rights was Bushed.
    You’re the man behind the man, that works the American machine.



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