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  • Towards the Calm in the Center

    2009 - 04.07



    I was in a maelstrom and assaulted on all sides

    Treachery, lies, blurred vision

    Tortuous anenomes reach out to me with poisoness tenticles

    I have never seen my life in such disarray

    I would be lost if it were not for this one beacon

    Which calls me to the calm in the center.


    I try to work with the energy of the huge swells that threaten to drown me

    Slowly, Slowly making my way to the calm in the center

    Where I know you’ll be there for me

    I could die now knowing this, but then we’d miss the fun

    Always resort to black humor in a disaster.

    Just a spoonful makes the medicine go down.


    Artificial light beams create a future which could carry us anywhere

    But I keep swimming to the calm in the center

    Where I know the voice I hear singing is not that of a siren

    But the one whose beacon of love gave me a new goal

    Helped me change my course, set me straight

    Ahh….the calm, the calm in the center




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