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  • Trails End- to My Departed Friend Tedd Highe

    2012 - 12.16


    Down the road here in the future

    I waited for my best of friends

    But you were long in coming.


    Over time through the web called life was a friendship

    Born of childhood; surviving through the years.


    A special place we both had,

    Touchstones of who we were.


    Sometimes we walked different paths

    Which lead us far and wide

    Both agreeing to meet at the end,

    Each telling what we saw along the way.


    At times one of us arriving so late,

    But always, always the other stood waiting

    Eager to share the day’s adventure

    Looking toward tomorrow’s possibilities.


    Years and miles went by in this fashion

    Now, reflected in our faces is

    The deep well of our pasts.


    Rich joys framed by sorrow and pain

    Results of the paths we’d chosen,

    Which are going further now

    Making bigger circles each longer than the last.


    I missed the times we walked together

    While I waited, for the footsteps of my friend.



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