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    2013 - 05.24

    This planet moves in an orbit of 26,000 mph

    And you thought you’d finally mellowed out.

    Yeah, the Goldilocks zone is what it is called.

    A perfect life for our kind of scum.

    The greatest biomass of the planet are germs and viruses.

    We are just duped by the invisible “Great Unreal”

    At one level it can be seen how these germs and viruses get around

    Using humans and animals. The extent of it is amazing!

    Your skin itches, you scratch it, you have moved a million germs

    You breathe stale air, the home of the footprint of many diseases

    Scratched by anything and your body becomes a war ground.

    And they can live a long long time in stasis just waiting for the unsuspecting



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