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    2009 - 02.22

    Walking Alone

    He is walking alone
    He has no throne
    No one to love
    When push comes to shove
    I’m walkin’ outa’ this life

    He is walking alone
    He loves a woman
    Who filled his head with promises
    And then left him all alone
    After her realities all were blown

    He is walking alone
    Soon to leave his home
    He will fade away
    She left him with no reason to stay
    I guess it doesn’t matter anyway.

    He is walking alone
    Crying in the Oregon rain
    She showed him pain
    She is insane
    He… will never be the same.

    He is walking alone
    No place left to roam
    Just a bullet driving home
    A release from all this strife
    He had a terrrible life.



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