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    2010 - 09.29

    Well know it’s been a long time since I checked in

    Into the soul of the body that I’m in

    I saw an old band on the TV today

    Free Bird was the song they played

    I sat and thought “That used to be my song”

    A long time ago when I was so young

    I sat and listened in surprise

    That old song still brought tears to my eyes.

    It used to be my anthem

    Free as a bird under the sun

    But the times have changed and so have I

    Perhaps that’s why it made me cry.

    I did something yesterday I never could dare

    I went out and cut my long hair

    Not because I no longer cared

    Or the way people still stared.

    I felt as though the time had come

    To start a new journey under the same old sun

    Although I am no longer on the run

    A new phase in my life had just begun.

    I’m still free and feel like that bird

    But living in the past had gotten sorta’ absurd.

    I feel fresh in my middle age

    Still on the same journey

    But in the middle of the page.

    Now people say I look swell

    I went to work to ring that bell

    And though my life sometimes seems like hell

    I realize I’m still truckin’ on

    I miss my heroes, watched them grow old

    But I remember what was told

    At those famous scenes where miracles went down

    I learned so much from town to town.

    But it is time for a change

    Parts of my life, I’ve rearranged

    Even as the Free Bird flies on

    I’ve got my fate and must carry on

    Though sometimes I don’t feel that strong

    I know I’ll make it and it won’t be long

    Just watch me change.



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