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    2012 - 01.25


    I was on the road headin’ south

    The rain was pouring, I had a dry mouth

    I pulled into a drinking bar

    Stopping to rest after coming so far.


    The place was rough, kinda’ nice

    It had girls of every spice.

    I was talking to a woman next to me

    She didn’t say she wasn’t free.


    Her old man he called me out

    He’d been drinking and started to shout.

    I didn’t want no trouble here

    I just wanted one cold beer.


    So I put my jacket on, pulled the stool across the floor

    He called me a coward, followed me out the door

    I kept my face down all the way

    Thought it was time to get away


    I got to my bike and turned around

    That bastard  pulled a gun ,so I shot him down

    Yeah I shot him down, shot him down

    Fired my engine and got out of town.


    Now I’m on the run prison bound

    Wheel of Fortune is spinnin’ around.

    I’m no fool I got away

    Trouble follows me to this day.




    Writers Note: This is purely a fictional  song about

    the Outlaw Biker Lifestyle




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