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  • When I Wander the Darkness

    2009 - 01.25


    When I wander the darkness


    Why does the rain fall?

    Or the wind blow so hard?

    If you don’t ask

    You may never know.


    Ask no questions

    Still you’re told lies

    From those with good intentions

    But they have beams in their eyes.


    How good to have finally found you

    When my heart was frozen cold

    And the poison of my anger

    Was making me old.


    I’m not ungrateful

    I’ve just grown a little hard

    Couldn’t stand the disappointment

    Of watching my dreams die.


    In some cemetery round about midnight

    I wait for a long lost friend

    It’s been a long time since we traveled together

    Tonight he comes to me on the dreamscape.


    When morning comes and all is done

    My hatred and sorrow are lessened

    My best and my worst

    Is what I take away.


    Mmmm…. This darkness

    Dark with deep shades of gray

    Mmmm…..momentary madness

    Soon shall pass away.





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