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    2009 - 02.25


    Call me a whining boy , call me what you will
    I can hear my past moanin’ over the top of the hill
    It is like a ghost to me but friendlier and stranger still
    I have lived a long hard life, I could have gotten killed

    But I never did get a home.

    They say we all have things to do in this little life
    In the grand scheme of things, we only add to the strife
    Spent my whole life looking for the perfect wife
    One who won’t cut me with her sugar coated knives
    But she doesn’t seem to hear me when I call.

    Where is the happiness that God had  promised us all?
    Did we lose the right to it after the fall?
    Eden has shut its doors to us all
    Now the fields are filled with the devil’s shopping malls
    My eyes they collide with my tears.

    Did I hear my favorite band playing their message still?
    They reached so many souls, gave them such a thrill
    When it all ended we were held together by our will
    Trying to remember the sound that suddenly went still.
    Wanting to honor their pasts, still we knew it wouldn’t last.

    So many ways to get lost in yourself these days
    Good things come, but they never stay
    Grandma told me , it would always be this way
    Until our King  comes back on that wonderful day
    The best we can do is love and hold on.



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