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    2009 - 01.01




    Why there is wars over here and wars over there

    And where there aint’t war things are  ruled by terror

    It’s once again come down to whose God’s the best.

    Crops are failing the earth is in pain

    Everyone washes their poison down the drain

    Shit like this just can’t go on…….or we won’t pass the test.

    Mother Nature used to take care of every thing

    But right now , she ‘s not that strong.

    Do her right don’t do her wrong

    Their giving away jobs that are going overseas

    The other man works much more cheap

    I tell you people, this can’t last

    We gotta work together as one

    Or else this world won’t last.

    The bible preaches that 7 horses will run

    They will bring ruin to every thing under the sun

    I’m not afraid of this so called Judgement Day

    I already confessed, got nothing more to say.

    After every thing is in ruins, He will come from Heaven, rebuild Jerusalem

    I can’t wait for that day, when my King shall have his way.

    It’s not far in coming, all the signs are pointing that way.



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