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    2009 - 01.14


    Winter 2009


    The snow lies so quiet in the pass

    Like it has done in the past

    I walk down a trail a thousand years old

    Trying to find a place to escape the cold.


    The wind it howls like a song with destruction on its mind

    The weather up here can be so very unkind

    I try to find some shelter and rest my weary mind

    All I can think about is what I left behind.


    The mountain it is strange it will do that to your soul.

    Just when you think your life is in control

    Mother nature has an armful of surprises

    That’s part of what and how the future she entices.


    Animals on the move looking for some food

    Soon we’ll be all like that actin’ like some herd

    I ‘ve seen so many things but nothing more absurd

    Than a man who has no word or honesty.

    And cannot keep his words around him.






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